The Alan Howard Foundation commissioned Peregrine to plan and execute a social media strategy that would promote their charitable Speaker Series and drive ticket sales.


  • To create a social media strategy and develop the right messaging for a target online audience.
  • Create Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to increase the client’s social media presence.
  • Provide monthly analytics which show the effectiveness of social media in promoting the Speaker Series.
  • To cultivate a strong following on social media.
  • To raise public and media awareness of the events, and direct people to buy tickets.
  • Drive the audience to the event videos.


  • Create a presence on social media channels that is consistent with The Alan Howard Foundation/JW3 Speaker Series existing brand image. This included design and copywriting.
  • Peregrine dedicated some time each day to identifying relevant accounts and connecting with those accounts in order to grow the Speaker Series’ audience organically.
  • Putting together a social media dashboard to analyse impressions, reach and engagement. From the analytics, create a social media strategy and recommendations for the Speaker Series.
  • Peregrine created new social media content on a daily basis by using existing written materials and event videos/photos. This content was then posted every day, at optimal times.
  • Peregrine’s design team created social media banners and videos, which were used to support the content visually.
  • Twitter website cards (a form of Twitter advertising) were created and promoted to target audiences, to encourage people to purchase tickets.


  • Gained 2,147 followers on Twitter.
  • Posts received 247,000 impressions (views) in September 2017 alone.
  • 1,564 people visited the Speaker Series’ Twitter profile in September 2017.
  • 116 likes and 111 follows on Facebook.
  • Through our social media accounts, we have considerably increased the public’s and media’s awareness of the Speaker Series.
  • The Speaker Series is now very searchable and has a strong online presence.
  • Our videos have gained hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and Vimeo, with our most successful video gaining over 160,000 views on YouTube alone.
  • Our social media presence has helped ensure that each Speaker Series event has been sold out.

“We have been working with the Peregrine team since early 2014 and have made significant progress in terms of brand identification and development in this time. Their asset management expertise combined with creative thinking have helped us to refine our firm’s messaging to investors via multiple channels. Through these activities, Peregrine have very ably helped us raise our brand image and presence in Europe. The support of the team has been a major asset to EI Sturdza over the past two years!”

Adam Turberville
Head of Marketing & Client Relations
EI Sturdza