Alan Howard / JW3 Speaker Series – Event management

The Alan Howard / JW3 Speaker Series (Speaker Series)  commissioned Peregrine to plan and execute an IMC strategy that would promote their events.

Social media
JK Rowling event
Media coverage


  • To design a logo, look and feel that would remain consistent throughout all the Speaker Series’ marketing materials.
  • To create a strong online presence for the Speaker Series.
  • To create a loyal following to boost the ticket sales and reputation of the Speaker Series.
  • To assist in organising each event.
  • To make sure that the content created as a result of each event was leveraged to maximum effect.
  • To facilitate conversations, talks and entertainment delivered by leaders and experts in their respective fields.


  • Peregrine created a logo and overall design that is showcased throughout all of the Speaker Series’ marketing materials.
  • Peregrine created a website and social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) in order to host and distribute content generated by the Speaker series, as well as to facilitate ticket sales.
  • Peregrine created video, visual and text content to populate the Speaker Series website and social media channels. This content was updated after each event, and the site has been continually maintained and improved throughout the Speaker Series’ existence.
  • Peregrine created a newsletter which goes out before and after each event. A pop-up box has been created on the website and several social media campaigns have been run to increase the subscriber base.
  • Peregrine has organised photography, filming, speaker contracts, email marketing, media relations (in some cases), slideshows and brochures for the Speaker Series events.
  • Peregrine created and ran digital and print advertisements for each event.
  • Peregrine provided in-depth analytics to demonstrate the effectiveness of the overall strategy.


  • The Speaker Series is now highly searchable, has a strong online presence and the events sell-out, sometimes within a few hours.
  • Featured speakers include David Beckham, Nigella Lawson, Tony Blair, Jeremy Irons, Richard Curtis, George Osborne, Peter Thiel, Sir Paul Nurse and JK Rowling.
  • The Speaker Series videos have gained a total of 319.4K views on YouTube, with an overall watch time of 4.7M minutes. The YouTube page has 1,427 subscribers.
  • The rich video content created a unique source of archival footage of the high-quality speakers featured in the series.
  • Gained 4,527 followers across social media.
  • Posts receive >200K impressions (views) per month. A single post on Twitter can gain 22,500+ impressions and 850+ engagements.
  • The newsletter has 1,827 subscribers in total. The emails have an average open rate of 54.42%, and an average click rate of 6.63%. This is more than twice the average open rate (20.41%), and more than three times the average click rate (2.19%).

Peregrine clearly gave us access to major English language media in the UK and in the US – print, online, and TV. In addition to building our reputation through "expert commentary" in various articles, they delivered prime profile pieces that were widely read and very valuable. We felt like we had very good, diligent support and service from the Peregrine team. We were accompanied step by step and always felt like we had access whenever we needed it.

Jean-Francois Comte
Lutetia Capital