Alan Howard / JW3 Speaker Series – Social Media

The Alan Howard / JW3 Speaker Series (Speaker Series) commissioned Peregrine to plan and execute a social media strategy that would promote their events and drive ticket sales.

The Alan Howard / JW3 Speaker Series


  • To create a social media strategy and develop the right messaging for a target online audience.
  • Create Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook accounts to increase the client’s social media presence.
  • Provide monthly analytics which show the effectiveness of social media in promoting the Speaker Series.
  • To cultivate a strong following on social media.
  • To raise public and media awareness of the events, and direct people to buy tickets.
  • Drive the audience to the event videos.


  • Create a presence on social media channels that is consistent with the Speaker Series’ existing brand image. This included design and copywriting.
  • Peregrine spent some time each day engaged in organic community building.
  • Peregrine also ran several paid for campaigns promoting key pieces of content.
  • Put together a social media dashboard to analyse impressions, reach and engagement. From the analytics, create a social media strategy and formulate strategic recommendations for the Speaker Series.
  • Peregrine created new social media content on a daily basis. This included video content, event photos and written content. This content was then posted throughout the week, at optimal times.
  • Peregrine’s design team also created social media banners which were used to support the content visually.
  • Twitter website cards (a form of Twitter advertising) were created and promoted to target audiences, to encourage people to purchase tickets.


  • Social media stimulates public engagement and drives online video watching.
  • The rich video content created a unique source of archival footage of the high-quality speakers featured in the series.
  • Gained 4,527 followers across social media.
  • Posts receive >200k impressions (views) per month.
  • Through social media promotion the campaign has considerably increased public and media awareness of the Speaker Series.
  • The Speaker Series is now very searchable, has a strong online presence and the events sell-out, sometimes within a few hours.
  • The Speaker Series videos have gained a total of 316.5K views on YouTube, with an overall watch time of 4.6M minutes.