Asean Investment Advisors – Brand Building

Peregrine worked with Asean Investment Advisors, deep-value investors based in Vietnam and south east Asia, to redefine their corporate identity. Peregrine worked closely with the team to apply this new look to a new website, marketing collateral and delivered a video outlining their value proposition.

Asean Investment Advisors


Beginning with the corporate identity, Peregrine were tasked with a total redesign and video production. Central to the project was the need to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui – a key element to appealing to their audience.


Beginning with deep research, the Peregrine team spent considerable time familiarising themselves with Feng Shui, and it’s associated colour theory. It was essential that the new identity stay true to these axioms.

Armed with these findings Peregrine explored directions that would include key themes; a circular element, a triangular element, compass directions, and the colour yellow. However, the identity also needed to speak to Asean’s value proposition; that of “deep value investing”, whilst incorporating elements that would highlight it’s alternative and exciting edge.

At each stage the identity was compared back to the above findings – the need to follow the Feng Shui guidance should not be understated. At points we consulted with an expert, as this was an enormously important factor for our client.

The final result was a highly unique design, and something that we were very excited to share with our client. When crafting a brand, something that works in Western Europe may have a totally different impact in South East Asia, and this understanding of cultural differences was paramount for this project.


The client was very pleased with the final corporate identity, and the various forms of marketing collateral. Peregrine also created an engaging and sophisticated animation for the logo which would be used for the corporate video.