Elefant Markets – Brand Building

When former Goldman Sachs trader, Cactus Raazi, approached Peregrine about his new fintech startup, he hadn’t yet decided on a name for his new venture. Peregrine worked closely with Raazi to define the brand, its message and its corporate identity.

Elefant Markets


The main objective was to define a name and a brand identity for this applied data science company. The corporate identity would then be applied to business cards and pitch decks.


Before embarking upon any design work, the team first explored the area of data science, pricing and mathematical history to familiarise themselves with the main pillars. This allowed us define some parameters to work within, which we then combined with the unique characteristics of its founder; Cactus Raazi himself.

After settling on the name Elefant, Peregrine moved on to creating the brand identity. As detailed in the illustration of the branding pyramid, this process involves the design team exploring various avenues and continuously iterating on ideas.

This process of refinement, of subtracting elements and combining ideas (always within the identified “rules”) allowed us to create an identity for Elefant which says “technology”, “independence”, “reliability”, “alternative” and “sophistication”.


Peregrine were delighted to have been involved in the creation of a brand from its first steps to its imminent launch. We delivered a brand which excited the client, and created an ideal platform from which the project can grow.