Mirae Asset Global Investments – Media Relations

Mirae Asset Management, the largest Asia-based investor in emerging market equities, looked to build its brand in the UK and Europe and raise assets for its core SICAV range.

Peregrine developed an international media campaign to raise the profile of key figures and this was supported by an advertising campaign in key financial titles.

Mirae Asset Global Investments


To establish the brand presence of Mirae Asset Global Investments, the largest Asia-based investor in emerging market equities, in the UK and Europe.

To build understanding and acceptance of Mirae Asset’s fund strategies amongst key target investors and to successfully support the raising of assets for Mirae Asset’s core SICAV range.


Following Peregrine’s marketing communications, AUM grew from $150mn to $1.75bn in 14 months.

Mirae Asset’s core SICAV range total AUM grew from $150mn to $1.75bn in 14 months. During this time, Mirae Asset also became a recognised brand and a leading voice in the emerging market equities space in the UK and Europe.


“The relationship we have with Peregrine has been crucial in formulating and delivering a thorough marketing and PR plan which truly reflects our characteristics and strengths as a firm. They are extremely thoughtful and diligent, taking time to really get to know the essence of Mirae Asset and what makes us tick – this sets them apart from their peer group and allows us to consider them a partner, tied to the overall future success of our business. Additionally, their high standing within their field has enabled us, as an overseas-based asset manager, to have access to the highest levels of the media world, enabling us to build our presence in the European marketplace quickly and professionally.”

Ashley Dale
Chief Marketing Officer
Mirae Asset Global Investments