Utilising Google Page One effectively Library, Insights, Blog,
Few things matter more than first impressions and Google Page 1 (GP1) is your online corporate brochure. Given the relatively high proportion of managers that are struggling with negative content on their GP1, we’ve decided to lay out a guide detailing; what it is, why it matters, the difference between a good and bad GP1, and finally, how to build a fully optimised GP1 strategy.
Crisis Communications in a COVID-19 World Library, Insights, Blog,
With journalists working under unusual constraints and reporting on unexpected corporate events, we have noticed more mistakes in financial news …
Social Media Guide for the Coronavirus Pandemic Library, Insights, Blog,
Social media often mirrors the way society feels about a situation, and this has never been truer than with Coronavirus. …
Has social media become part of the investment process Library, Insights, Blog,
63% of investors used social media to research asset management firms in 2018.
Library, Insights, Blog,
5 simple steps for financial services firms who want to build their presence on Instagram.
How to Develop an Investment Story Library, Insights, Blog,
Institutional Investor claims that investors are more interested in the stories asset managers can tell than their track record.
PR is dead, long live PR Library, Insights, Blog,
Public Relations has become synonymous with over-promising and under-delivering, an industry which only survives because it is so hard to understand.
5 ways asset managers can capitalise on social media Insights, Blog,
When it comes to social media the asset management industry was slow on the uptake, but that’s all changing now