Peregrine Perspectives: The Death of Banking and the Future of Business Financing

Peregrine Perspectives

The banks are not dead yet. This was the outcome of a thought-provoking debate, based around PwC’s latest research: The Future Shape of Banking: Time for Reformation of Banking and Banks? The research concluded that, “Banks are not dead – indeed they’re far from it. Although diminished, their trust and brands remain powerful assets in the post-crisis world, as do their customer relationships.” However, the panel decided that wholesale evolution of banks and regulators needs to take place otherwise, “they face a very real risk of being left by the roadside.”

Speakers include:

Steve Clark
Omni Partners LLP founder

Robin Bowie
founder of Dexion Capital

Luke Lang
co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Crowdcube

Barry Sheerman
Labour MP and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Huddersfield.

Watch panelists Robin Bowie and Luke Lang discussing the topic live on Bloomberg TV.