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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. 96% of the firms in the study have a LinkedIn presence – so how can you leverage your posts?
This report examines how well the asset management industry performs across the spectrum of IMC activities.
What do your ads say about you? Insights,
Pick up a copy of a financial publication and every other page feels like it’s an ad. We’ve picked out 6 print ads to look at in further detail.
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Institutional Investor claims that investors are more interested in the stories asset managers can tell than their track record.
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Public Relations has become synonymous with over-promising and under-delivering, an industry which only survives because it is so hard to understand.
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When it comes to social media the asset management industry was slow on the uptake, but that’s all changing now
Private Equity Firms More Savvy Illustration Insights,
Larger firms are usually ahead of the curve when it comes utilising the latest technology to attract investors. However, our …
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The private equity industry’s failure to promote its sector specialisms by overlooking engaging content and digital communication.