5 Step Guide to Brand Consistency Library, Insights,
Keeping a brand identity visually consistent might sound obvious, yet it is something that many companies overlook. Here is how to achieve it in 5 steps.
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In this blog, we intend to explore some of the communicative techniques that Russian President Vladimir Putin is alleged to have used to influence the US presidential election and show how this applies to asset management firms.
protecting reputation in a crisis Library, Events, Insights, Blog,
Recently media crisis experts Anthony Payne, Chief Executive of Peregrine Communications, and Jonathan Coad, Consultant Solicitor with Keystone Law, hosted a client seminar in central London to discuss reputation protection. They advised firms to establish a few basic rules. What follows is several key take-aways.
6 Essential Website Tips Graphic of a computer screen, mobile screen, and back-end code. Library, Insights,
Websites are fast-becoming the first touch point between a brand and its clients. These 6 insightful tips will help put you ahead of your competitors.
How-to-fix-Powerpoint-Mistakes Library, Insights,
We have a look at 7 of the most common design mistakes we see in Powerpoint decks, and our tricks & tips to get the most out of your presentation.
5 Design Trends in Financial Services to watch in 2017 Library, Insights,
In 2016 the world of Financial Services embraced design. With the increasing need to be differentiated and set your brand …
educational content banner Library, Insights, Blog,
Firms who had dedicated educational blogs and videos dominated the top 20 positions in Peregrine’s survey, supported by higher engagement …
Power of Video Library, Insights, Blog,
Despite a proven track record in increasing audience engagement, video is an underutilised resource by asset managers globally, according to …