A Survival Guide to the Eurohedge Summit

Partner France

The EuroHedge Summit, held at the lovely Palais de la Bourse in Paris, is of course a massive, well-organized networking opportunity in and of itself. But we’re all human. Here are a few pointers for making sure la fête continue even when you’re not summiting.

Before you go

If you drink, increase your alcohol tolerance. If you don’t, increase your tolerance of alcoholics.

Where to entertain

Coffee/Beer: Brasserie des Colonnes, just around the corner on 4 bis, rue Quatre Septembre, is a solid bet. Guinness lovers can go next door to O’Malley’s pub.

Lunch: Mori’s Venice is opposite the Palais main entrance. Some Paris contacts joined us there and the asparagus was delectable. So was their decision to become our clients.

Dinner: Become friends with Gerard Depardieu so you can score a terrace table at his Fontaine Gaillon resto just down the road. Make sure the heat lamps are working. Paris in spring is nippy, pas chaud.

Later: Buddha Bar may be the bar world’s biggest cliché; the actual bar is terrible, and there’s nowhere to dance, but it remains a solid bet for a big client boozer — especially if they’re not your clients. Top tip: after they kick you outside at 3 pm, just move the party to their outside tables until they kick you off there, too. Just be sure to steal the booze bucket from the Deutsche table.

How to get around

Taxis are available via taxi ranks near major Metro stations and landmarks. All very convenient, unless it’s midnight and your (non-French) client is stuck fuming in a queue for 30 minutes.

Figure out the free bikes. They’re like London’s Boris bikes, except with locks so you can stop for an espresso or a pain-choc between stations. Perhaps avoid them at night, though. They fall over. I’m remembering now.

How to get the hell out if you’re not on the Eurostar

For a little extra cash, motorbikes are the fastest way to get to Roissy CDG, and if the weather’s good it’s a stunning tour. You do speed at 75 mph between rows of cars, though, so make sure you don’t get l’idiot who drives while texting with his clutch hand.

And finally

At least try to speak French. The French are getting nicer about it. A little. L’addition, s’il vous plait…