Specialist Knowledge – Generalist Language

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Following our 2017 report on content marketing in the asset management sector, this report examines how the top 50 private equity firms in the UK promote their business digitally and critiques the content used.

The overriding message from this study is that the majority of private equity firms have been slow to embrace digital transformation and, unlike their US cousins, have yet to effectively engage with digital marketing.

Most importantly, the private equity firms’ digital presence – either on social media or online – fails to highlight their stated sector specialism(s) effectively.

This report discusses the following questions:

  • Are private equity firms showcasing their sector specialism?
  • What lessons can be gleaned from best and worst practices?
  • What content is being used for digital promotion?
  • Is content used to full advantage across all digital channels?
  • How do investors interact with social media profiles?


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