Peregrine’s Daniel Jason talks to the Sunday Times about his experience as a Board Apprentice (‘BA’) for UK national charity, Tomorrow’s People


BA is a non-profit company that offers an immediate solution to lack of diversity in boardrooms by mentoring and developing future board members. The scheme is open to all asset managers, both listed and private, and its founder, Charlotte Valeur is non-executive director for DW Catalyst Fund as well as currently serving on the boards of listed and unlisted companies including NED of JPMorgan Global Convertibles Income Fund Limited,Renewable Energy Generation Limited and NTR Plc.

The scheme aligns the future generation of leaders with the existing generation of leaders, by widening the pool of board-ready candidates and therefore, the perspectives and skillsets available to established boards. For example, chairs of different boards have acknowledged that they lack insight into technological developments and thus recognize the need for generational diversity – this is one skill which Daniel offers the board of Tomorrow’s People.

The programme looks at diversity beyond gender; it encompasses ethnicity, culture, age, disability, personality and skill set. The change in perspective that this provides, helps companies to appeal to an ever-evolving consumer base and to stay on top of change.

BA is supported by the boards and CEOs of several blue chip companies and national charities and is run by senior professionals with years of board experience.

Daniel regularly attends board meetings for the UK national charity, Tomorrow’s People and has been mentored by the charity’s Chairwoman, Kate Bolsover who is also featured in the piece below.


Peregrine is a proud sponsor of the Board Apprentice programme.

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