Peregrine provides a full video service from filming to production and delivery to target audiences. We focus on providing clients with:

  • Corporate videos
  • Investor update videos
  • Investor educational videos
  • Video case studies
  • Event filming and videos

Once the project’s objectives have been finalised, our team will work with the client on a script and the most effective means of achieving the video’s objectives.

Our in-house illustrator and editing specialists can add colour to illustrate key messages and increase the visual impact.


Elm Partners the boutique investment management firm, engaged Peregrine to to produce a thought-leading motion graphics animation as part of Elm Partners’ Investment Series.
Asean Investment Management, the boutique investment management group focused on Asia, engaged Peregrine to devise a video to highlight the group’s approach to deep value investing in Asia.
The Alan Howard Foundation established the JW3 Speaker Series to educate and entertain through lectures which cover a broad range of intellectual thought, including economics, science, history, politics and the arts.