One-size rarely fits all when it comes to social media. Our strategy is tailored to your needs, and puts the focus on getting your message to the audiences that matter.

The service includes:

  • Setting up any social media accounts – the more platforms you have, the better it will be for your Google search rankings
  • Organic community building
  • Paid for campaigns (follower campaigns, awareness campaigns, engagement campaigns)
  • Putting together content
  • Posting content across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.)
  • Responding to queries and engagements
  • Analytics reports (measuring audience growth, impressions, engagements, profile visits, mentions)

Putting together content:

  • Blogs
  • Thought leadership
  • Research papers
  • Industry news
  • Expert commentary
  • Events
  • Awards
  • Video content explaining services or providing insights/expert commentary

 Identifying potential audiences:

  • Investors
  • Industry influencers
  • Relevant publications
  • Relevant journalists
  • Key industry bodies/organizations
  • The follower bases of all the above

 Creating visual content to support content:

  • Gifs
  • Infographics
  • Video content (animations etc.)
  • Social media icons for website
  • Banners

 Campaign types

Twitter Follower Campaign

Follower campaigns are the best way to promote your account or grow your audience on Twitter. Building a large base of followers is key to fully leveraging your Twitter presence to drive business results.

Twitter Engagement Campaign

Tweet engagement campaigns allow you to extend the reach of your content to a relevant audience on Twitter.

Twitter Website cards

A Website Card is a powerful ad format that allows users to preview an image, related context, and a clear call to action in their timeline.

Twitter App Card

The App Card is a powerful ad format that allows mobile users to preview an image, view app ratings, and install or open an app directly from their timelines.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

We can promote company’s LinkedIn content to a target audience.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

We can send personalised messages to target audiences.

LinkedIn Text Campaign

We can create ads that appear in the right-hand side of the page and appear to the audience we target.

Facebook Traffic Campaign

Send more people to a destination on or off Facebook such as a website, app or Messenger conversation.

Facebook Engagement Campaign

Get more people to see and engage with your post or Page. Engagement can include comments, shares, likes, event responses and offer claims.

Facebook App Installs Campaign

Send people to the store where they can purchase your app.

Facebook Video Views Campaign

Promote videos that show behind-the-scenes footage, product launches or customer stories to raise awareness about your brand.

Facebook Reach Ad

Show your advert to the maximum number of people.

Instagram Ads

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, the Instagram ads work in the exact same way as the above Facebook ads, except they will be made to follow the format of regular Instagram posts.

Google AdWords

We are able to bid for keywords so that when a potential customer searches words relating to the company, the company will appear at the top of Google’s rankings.


Asean Investment Management, the boutique investment management group focused on Asia, engaged Peregrine to devise a social media strategy to increase brand awareness.
EI Sturdza commissioned Peregrine to plan and execute a digital and social advertising campaign across Europe to celebrate the 10th anniversary of EI Sturdza and highlight the recent performance of their flagship fund.
State Bank of India Twitter Campaign 1
SBI UK commissioned Peregrine to plan and execute a social media strategy that would drastically increase the size of their Twitter following within a seven-month period.