Owned social media content is becoming increasingly as important as traditional earned media. Peregrine works with clients to develop effective social media strategies across all main social media platforms, ensuring that their owned social media content reaches the right people. We also monitor all social media channels to ensure the correct sentiment is being relayed and that any negative perceptions are addressed in real time.


Asean Investment Management, the boutique investment management group focused on Asia, engaged Peregrine to devise a social media strategy to increase brand awareness.
EI Sturdza commissioned Peregrine to plan and execute a digital and social advertising campaign across Europe to celebrate the 10th anniversary of EI Sturdza and highlight the recent performance of their flagship fund.
State Bank of India Twitter Campaign 1
SBI UK commissioned Peregrine to plan and execute a social media strategy that would drastically increase the size of their Twitter following within a seven-month period.